Synergy Telecom Pvt. Ltd. is based in Vikaspuri, New Delhi and popular as the Indian manufacturer of BTS N IBS Material. The base transceiver station (BTS) is defined as the piece of equipment which assists in the wireless communication amid network and user equipment (UE). The BTS N IBS Installation Material are designed specifically to suffice the needs of diverting transient currents to an earth grounding system, from lightning off the transmission line. These material are perfect for use for cables of various sizes. The range includes:

  • 4 Hole Cable Entry Plate

  • 6 Hole Cable Entry Plate

  • Copper Earthing Bar

  • Earthing Kit For 7-8 Cable

  • Earthing Kit For Half Inch Cable

  • Earthing Kit For LMR 400 Cable

  • Entry Plate With Boot 6 Way

  • Grounding Kit For 7-8 Cable

  • Weather Proofing Kit


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